Ghost Stories and Tall Tales of the American South

Welcome to The Moonlit, where we tell Southern ghost stories, folktales, myths and legends from the dark backroads of the American South. Want to come along? Follow the lantern to visit with our storytellers.

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View of Sterling Creek Marsh looking southwest, with the marsh in the background and the berm in the foreground - Richmond Hill Plantation, Sterling Creek Marsh, Richmond Hill, Bryan County, GA

Golem of the Gullah (Folktale)

Jewish rabbi in Charleston, South Carolina stumbles across a secretive Gullah community – and enlists a magic golem creature to protect it.

16th century brick water well

Billy Ray (Ghost Stories)

Mississippi ghost story of a young girl terrorized by Billy Ray, her mischievous and mysterious, cousin.

Spooky Georgia Tree Branches at Sunset

The Hob Goblin (Creature Stories)

North Carolina creature story of two boys whose nighttime possum hunt brings an encounter with a terrifying mountain Hob Goblin!

Shallow Heart Southern Ghost Story

Superstition Mountain (Ghost Stories)

The Shallow Heart (Ghost Stories)

We present two ghost stories from Amy Mitchell and multimedia artist Geoff Mitchell.

robert the doll haunted doll key west florida
Illustration by Janelle Jex

Robert The Doll (Ghost Stories)

Story of haunted and cursed doll known as Robert The Doll, currently on display (if you dare visit) in Key West, Florida.

Old haunted jail Lawrenceville Georgia

Elleck’s Song (Audio Ghost Stories)

Story of a haunted historic jail in Lawrenceville, Georgia, haunted by a slave named Elleck.


Are You Roger? (Horror Stories)

Georgia bullies terrorize the wrong trick-or-treater in this Halloween horror story from Harris Tobias.

20141031-0536 Lake Forest

The Warehouse (Horror Stories)

Florida horror story of a wealthy Halloween decor supplier who may have unlocked a door to real evil. Written by Harris Tobias.

House: A Southern Haunted House Story (Ghost Stories)

Unsettlingly creepy, Southern haunted house story written by Bill Arbuckle.

Haunted cave from Tennessee Civil War ghost story Escape of Shiloh

Escape from Shiloh (Civil War Ghost Stories)

Tourists at the Battle of Shiloh historic site in Tennessee stumble across a terrifying cave.

Maco Light Ghost Train North Carolina

Railroad Bill (Audio Stories)

An Alabama widow lives in fear of the terrifying murderer Railroad Bill. But is he really what the townsfolk say he is? Written and told by Christine Horn.

Fishing Boat from Virginia Horror Story The Gunnymen

The Gunnymen (Horror Stories)

Two sailors on shore leave encounter the horrifying bogeymen from their childhoods known as The Gunnymen. Written by K.E. Moore.

Log cabin fireplace, Asheville North Carolina

Public domain photo from Library of Congress.

The Spirit of Thomas Lester (Audio Stories)

Poor, road-weary Thomas Lester decides to spend the night in a haunted house. Never a good idea! A Southern ghost story told by Yomi Goodall.

Old Alton Bridge, also known as Goatmans Bridge

Photo by Kara Jex.

The Goatman’s Bridge (Ghost Stories)

Scary story of Goatman’s Bridge, one of the most haunted spots in Texas. Written by Shaun Jex.

Vintage photo of exsposed wooden coffin and cross

Dixie: A Georgia Witch Story (Creature Stories)

Careful what you ask the local witch for. Your debt must be paid. Creepy Georgia witch story by Kayla Bolton.

Haunted McDow Hole, Greens Creek, Erath County Texas

McDow Hole – Anatomy Of A Texas Ghost Story (Ghost Stories)

Spooky Texas legend of the McDow Hole, where ghost sightings of pioneer woman Jenny Papworth and her baby have long been reported. Historian Bob Hopkins brings us the definitive study of this and other hauntings.

Aerial view, Athens, Georgia at night (8342840567)

The Velvet Hat (Ghost Stories)

Ghost story from Athens, Georgia of a mysterious cemetery and (of course) a Georgia bulldog. Written by K.E. Schmidt.

News from the birds (1898) (14750556715)

Abel’s Light (Ghost Stories)

Ghost story of an Alabama “hollar” haunted by a farmer ghost searching for his missing son. Written by Irran Butler.

Chincoteague Island Sign 2

13 Skulls (Horror Story)

Heir to family fortune must solve the riddle of his father’s sinister tombstone to claim his inheritance in this Virginia horror story from K.E. Moore.

MVI 2620 Red River Bridge in Shreveport

Irwin Tarheel and the Fair Folk (Folktales)

Louisiana twist on the legend of the Fair Folk, written by Sam McDonald.

RustyFence amk

The Grey House (Ghost Stories)

Young boys make the mistake of chasing an errant football into the depths of a Georgia haunted house. Written by Kenneth Gary.

Mississippi dirt road

Mississippi Rose (Audio Ghost Stories)

Mississippi ghost story about a young boy’s encounter with a strange girl who suddenly appears near his family’s farm. Written by LaDoris Davis and Craig Dominey. Told by LaDoris Davis.

Myrtles Plantation Louisiana

The Slave Girl (Audio Stories)

Louisiana ghost story about the well documented hauntings at Myrtles Plantation. Collected and adapted by Craig Dominey. Told by Veronica Byrd.

Historic American Buildings Survey W. N. Manning, Photographer, March 31st, 1934. FRONT VIEW - WEST ELEVATION. - High Street (Old Tavern), Mooresville, Limestone County, AL HABS ALA,42-MOVI,2-1

Beyond The Uncut Trees (Horror Stories)

Horror story of a frightening creature terrorizing a frontier South Carolina town. Written by Norman Coulson.

Haunted Bridge Lookout Mountain Etowah County Alabama

The Haunted Bridge of Lookout Mountain (Ghost Stories)

Creepy true story of a haunted bridge that once stood near Lookout Mountain, Alabama. Written by Irran Butler.

John Constable - Stormy Sea, Brighton - Google Art Project

True Nature (Horror Stories)

Animal fable The Scorpion and the Frog is retold as a North Carolina horror/suspense thriller by Kyle Moore.


The Organ Player (Ghost Stories)

What is that mysterious organ music drifting from the creepy house down the road? Read this South Carolina haunted house tale from Tony Young.

BASEMENT - VIEW INSIDE EAST ROOM OF MAIN BLOCK - Blandfield, U.S. Route 17 and State Route 624, Caret, Essex County, VA HABS VA,29-CAR.V,1-35

The Spring House Sale (Ghost Stories)

Alabama home for sale by owner, scary furnace in the basement included! Ghost story written by Kenneth Gage Gary.


What Lived in the Holler (Creature Stories)

Tennessee cat-and-mouse tale of a man versus a creature from an old legend. But there’s nothing to worry about…is there? Written by Bill Arbuckle.

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