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Nick Zegarac
FROM THE AUTHOR: Nick Zegarac has been a freelance writer/editor and graphics artist for a little over a decade. No…wait. That’s not quite right. That is, it is – factual – although it does not say a whole lot about the sort of individual Nick Zegarac is.

“I always find it odd when I meet someone for the first time at a social gathering,” Nick explains, “…and they introduce themselves, first by name and next by their profession…like, “I’m Frank So-and-So. I’m an attorney”…as though I’m supposed to suddenly ascribe more weight to their stature right off the bat.

I never used to give it much thought before. But lately I find this sort of intro rather snobbish. I used to play along and say ‘Hi, I’m Nick Zegarac the writer.’ Now I just say, ‘Hi. I’m Nick Zegarac’ and leave it at that. It isn’t that I’m trying to be mysterious or evasive. I just don’t think ‘what I do’ should have any bearing on the sort of person that I am.”

Nevertheless, Nick realizes that as far as biographies in print go they should always include a bit about the work. So, during the past eleven years Nick has adopted the chameleon’s skin of a frustrated editor, a carefree magazine editorial/advertorial writer, a creative director, a struggling screenwriter, and, a not terribly prepossessing market researcher. Alas, professional disappointments have been the norm, rather than the exception.

“I don’t think I’m unique in that…,” adds Nick, “A lot of hard work goes unnoticed. You need luck as well as guts, brains and talent…and good timing – a lot of it! I used to think talent was enough. But actually it’s only about twenty percent. The rest is faith and having someone higher up the food chain believe in your work. I believe in myself so I’m already a success to myself. But someday I’d like to be a successful illustration for others. After all, there’s really no point to success if you can’t share it.

If your only measure of success is fame it makes for a lot of professional unhappiness. But being one of the pack actually means you’re in the majority – you’re among friends.”

If past experience has taught Nick anything, it is that an ‘in your face’ approach to life coupled with a light touch of professionalism and healthy mix of good humour are proven hallmarks for a better tomorrow. Inevitably, when meeting a new client, prospective employer or just a new social acquaintance Nick gets asked the same old questions about himself. However, rather than giving the same tired reply, Nick has chosen to constantly reinvent himself, not necessarily to make a solid first impression, but rather to illustrate, as well as test the rigidity and obviousness of the exercise.

“I was once asked by an interviewer where I saw myself in five years?” Nick explains, “My answer was, ‘Sitting on that end of the desk asking better questions.”

“Personally, I think a lot of HR types get it all wrong. They come to the interview looking for flaws in potential applicants instead of trying to uncover their strengths. Or they adopt the quiz show mentality and grill you with fifty questions. I’ve always tended to shy away from the obvious, especially when I was the one fortunate enough to be conducting the interviews. I know why the person sitting in front of me is here. He/she wants the job I advertised for. And I’ve read their résumés. Listening to them tell me their qualifications again in a different way is a waste of both our time. But I can’t pinpoint a ‘good’ person from a résumé or by listening to their scripted answers to questions they think I want to hear.

So, what I used to do is call in six or seven potential new hires at once just before the lunch or dinner hour. Then, when they all came in and realized they weren’t going to be alone I’d tell them all to get their coats and we’d go out for a meal and some relaxing chit-chat.

Everyone had a good time and the real go getters distinguished themselves from the rest of the pack. No one left feeling deflated, or embarrassed or wondering if they had ‘scored’ or passed ‘the test’. But they knew I meant business and would treat them fairly, with dignity and respect if their option was picked up.”

On the home front, optimism reigns supreme.

“I don’t expect I’ll ever truly understand cynicism,” Nick confesses, “I’ve been down and out and as low as the next guy. But in the end, I’ve chosen to reawaken my senses, with a good solid slap upside the head if necessary, rather than bury it from the neck up in a soft pool of wet sand.
In today’s world it’s too easy to forget that life isn’t just about tasks, but also personal tastes…not realizing that if nothing else comes your way, what’s already there is quite enough, I think makes a lot of us a little crazy for the things we’ve yet to acquire or achieve. Whenever I start on a new venture I try to remember that the journey is infinitely more rewarding than the destination. How I arrived at where I am says much more about ‘who’ I am as a person than the status I’ve achieved after the struggle to get there has ended.”

Nick’s not terribly serious about life because, as he readily admits “it’s too serious all by itself,” but he gets the job done nevertheless.

To learn more about the unremarkable life of this sincerely remarkable person, contact Nick Zegarac at:

Nick Zegarac
994 Greenpark Blvd.
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
N8P 1J5
[email protected]

“All truly great days begin with a challenge
…and a good cup of tea.”
– Nick Zegarac


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Hi Nick,

I was wondering if your recent review of Universal Horror Collection Vol. 2 was blu ray edition or DVD. I can’t find any mention of it anywhere, including the cover art. Thanks…

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