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Craig Dominey
Founder, Producer, Director and Head Writer

Henry Howard
Soundscapes, Audio Story Recording and Engineering

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Unless otherwise credited, all story photographs and artwork are in the public domain, courtesy of the Library of Congress, Wikimedia Commons, Flikr Commons and other sources.


Updated August 2023

Who are you guys?

We’re a volunteer group of writers, storytellers, musicians, artists and engineers who have been bringing you these stories since 1997. Why? Because we still like doing it. And the purpose of storytelling is to pass stories on to others.

Why do you just tell stories about the American South?

It’s where we grew up and our interests still are.  But many of these stories you’re reading aren’t of Southern origin, but were passed along from other lands and given a Southern twist by the teller.

Where do your stories come from?

Most stories are written by our staff or outside contributors. Some are adaptations of old folktales passed down through the oral tradition.

Can I use one of your stories?

Depends – all of our content is copyrighted, and can only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes. Contributing writers may have different useage policies. Any use of our content without our written consent is strictly prohibited. E-mail us and we’ll discuss your use of our content. For more information please read our copyright page.

Can I be a contributing storyteller or submit an audio story?

If you have a recording that sounds like it would fit on The Moonlit Road, let us know and we’ll take a listen. We can’t travel storytellers from outside the Atlanta area to our studio at the moment. But with home studio equipment being cheaper and more plentiful these days, we’re always interested in hearing new audio tales!

What age group are your stories suitable for?

This is very subjective. But think of our stories as old folktales. Our stories are generally suitable for all ages, although older children and adults may understand more of what’s going on at times. If we feature a story containing material we feel may be unsuitable for young children, we’ll let you know.

How can I support The Moonlit Road?

Thanks for asking!  Here’s what you can do:

1. Make a cash donation via our campaign on Givebutter. You can make a one-time or monthly donation using Paypal, Venmo or a credit card. Any amount helps, and will 100% go to site operational expenses.
2. You can also visit our sponsors. 
3. Or you can spread the word about our stories using social media or old fashioned word of mouth. In short, tell your friends!

Can I send in my own story?
Sure, see the guidelines below:

What’s Your Story?

We’re always  interested in weird/spooky/goofy stories from our readers to post on the site. Feel free to send your original stories to us at If we like it (no guarantees) we’ll post it in all its glory, maybe even record an audio version one day.

Bad news is we can’t pay you for using your story. Good news is we’ll credit you fully and provide any links you desire.

There are a few ground rules. No big deal, but we will ask that:

1. You be the original author of the story and/or have copyright ownership of it. We will require an email agreement stating this.

2. If you’ve adapted a folktale or campfire story, let us know the source.

3. The story needs to be along the lines of what we publish here. Ghost stories and strange tales from the American South, or some generic location we can change to the South, are what we want. Tales of romance from the wilds of Siberia, not so much.

4. Finally, and most importantly: please don’t send the “Dog Licking the Hand” or “Maniacs Can Lick Hands, Too” stories. They’re old and we’ve all heard them!

We look forward to reading your story!