The Ghost With The One Black Eye


Ghost story for young kids about an annoying ghost standing in the way of a child’s midday snack.

Some of the best stories you’ve ever heard were probably passed down from storyteller to storyteller – across cities, states, even countries! Need proof? Here we have two storytellers telling the same ghost story but with slight differences. One teller is from the United States (Kansas), the other from Montreal, Quebec. See which one you like best!

John David Hickey (Hobbes) John David Hickey has been telling fables, folktales, and legends for over 15 years. He delights in telling stories from all over the world, but has a particular fondness for quirky, underdog stories. David has an animated, energetic telling style that appeals to both children and adults. He has performed in schools, libraries, pubs, cafes, and various festivals across Canada. He lives in Montreal, Quebec and tells tales in English and in French.

You can also hear John’s stories at Shortening The Road.

Priscilla Howe Priscilla Howe travels the US and abroad (Brazil, Germany, Bulgaria, Mexico and Belgium, to date) with a bagful of puppets and a headfull of stories. Her favorite audience is the one in front of her at any given moment. A full-time storyteller since 1993 and a former librarian, Priscilla lives in Lawrence, Kansas. She’s also searching for the best restaurant pie on earth.



Audio dramatizations are property of the storytellers. Used by permission.


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  1. I like how the kids got to interact with the story. Honestly it was probly really inspiring to the kids. It was amazing on how the story folded out as if it was a real life situation taking place.

  2. This story is so cute and great for kids. It’s nice to have a story where the kids can interact too. The repetition allows them to predict what will happen, or be said, and chime in.

  3. We used to tell this story as kids! I almost forgot it, this story would have been erased from my memory had it not popped up here! And I live in South Africa!

  4. Hanko this story was really nice and the ending wasn’t stupid I’d like to see u try to write a better ghost story then these

  5. aye man i’m juss gon’ say dat dis story right hurr made me so scared when i was chillin’ wit da homie. we was all up in our tent n whatnot then my boii jon raya read dis n den i almost cried from duh fear inside me. aight boi well 10/10 definitely a scary one homie like, i stayed locked up in my casa fo like 51 hours afta dis mang. I think you should totes read dis to my homeboy louis ’cause he would love to hear a story about him. congrats for winning the govea cup last saturdyy mang, see you in 2051!

  6. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude, me and Blaze love this story ssssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks so much for this story, I read it when I eat cabbage and barbeque chips. I’ve heard it over 51 times and I can’t wait to tell it to Throckmorton, he will laugh his dylan off. I, Louis Govea, am the real Ghost with One Black Eye. Blaze Garza comin’ outta his Ziggurat at midnight.