Southern ghost story radio show performed by The Moonlit storytellers: Veronica Byrd, Thomas E. Fuller, Kodac Harrison, Babs Bagriansky and Jim McAmis. Hosted by Thomas E. Fuller. Music by Hair of the Dog. Featured on WABE 90.1 FM Public Radio’s program The Spoken Word.

Directed by Craig Dominey, recorded and soundscaped by Henry Howard. Performed before a live audience at The Georgian Terrace Hotel, Atlanta, GA.

Scroll down the page to see each performer and follow along with the stories!

Storyteller Veronica Byrd at the Atlanta History Center

Veronica Byrd tells I Don’t Feel Dead Yet, an African-American ghost story from Louisiana about a poor widow who wants to get on her with her life – if only her husband would stay dead!

The Moonlit Storyteller Jim McAmis at Atlanta History Center

Jim McAmis tells The Maco Light, the famous North Carolina ghost story about the “Maco Light,” a paranormal phenomena along the local railroad that has fascinated ghost hunters for years.

The Moonlit Storyteller Kodac Harrison tells story at The Moonlit studios.

Kodac Harrison tells The Promise, a Louisiana ghost story about two childhood friends who make a mutual promise that must be kept – even beyond the grave!

Storyteller Babs Bagriansky at Borders Books Halloween Event

Babs Bagriansky tells The Boo Hag, a Georgia folktale about a man who suspects that his beautiful new bride might be a witch – the Boo Hag!

Storyteller Thomas E. Fuller Moonlit Road Radio Show

Our host, Thomas E. Fuller, tells The Hall Of Wonders, a Civil War creature story amidst the ruins of post-Civil War Charleston, where a mysterious apothecary builds a marine attraction like no other.

Music performed by the wonderful Hair of the Dog (Atlanta).

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  1. Gregory C Atkins

    Great story! I love listening to this all the time.

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    I love the storyes

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    I like very much your stories. They are excellent.
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  4. Bobbie Shoemaker

    Great Show! The whole family enjoyed it.Thanks very much.