Ghosts of the Boiled Bones! A Southern Ghost Story


Why is creepy Uncle Abe hanging around the graveyard all the time? And what do catfish have to do with it? Find out in this Southern ghost story from ART Station’s A Tour of Southern Ghosts, performed each Halloween in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Story told by Bryan Mercer and recorded by Henry Howard.

Human Skulls On Shelf


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  1. I have been a fan of the moonlit road for some years now. I’ve enjoyed with my children as they grew. Cool stories!

  2. I shared this link on Twitter & Facebook. Folks are really enjoying the story and your reading, judging by all the Likes & Favorite-ing I’m seeing. I love the story and the reading is pitch perfect!

  3. None of my “friends from the ol’ days” need come visit me. My heart wouldn’t recieve the shock so well. Fantastic story, loved this.