Ghost story of a haunted house with an athletic ghost. But what is this ghost keeping in his gym bag? Written by Allen Mills IV.

If anyone ever asked me if I believe in ghosts, I’d tell them without hesitation “Of course I do!” I never really understood why people didn’t believe in them. It’s no surprise that there are skeptics, but to outright dismiss them? I tell you, some people are so close minded.

Which described one of my good friends perfectly, his name is Devin. He was an 18 year old kid who believed in only what he saw. He was so wrapped up in what was real that he fell short in considering the possibility that some things just can be explained.

I was determined to prove to him that ghosts and the supernatural did exist. It came to the point of obsession. I tried playing tricks on him like leaving mysterious letters in his room and pretending that I didn’t know what they were about, making knocking and footstep noises around his house and claiming they weren’t mine when we were the only two in the house. I even tried calling him with a blocked number multiple times in some sort of periodic manner, attempting to provide some sort of background and story to which a ghost might have.

Unfortunately, none of my tricks worked, he was always coming up with some sort of excuse or reason for what was happening. It was such a downer.

But tonight, tonight would be different – oh yes it would! Because tonight was Halloween night, the night that the veil between the spirit world and the world of the living was thinnest. I was bound to prove my point tonight, and I knew just how to do it too. I would take Devin down to an old abandoned house, one that only I knew of between the two of us. I would simply walk him around, show him the place and act like I just wanted to hang out and do spooky stuff because it was Halloween – and because I was determined to make him a believer.

So I decided to call him up. “Hello?” he answered.

“Hey Devin, it’s Allen. What are you up to tonight?”

“Nothing, tonight stinks, I had plans with my parents, but they got sick.”

“Oh I’m sorry to hear that. Would you like to come out with me tonight? I know a great place we could check out, being that it’s Halloween I figured we could do something that would give us chills, and I figured a haunted house would do just that.”

“I told you, there’s no such thing as a haunted house. But I’m in, I’ve got nothing better to do anyways.”

We talked for a few more minutes about completely different subjects, but the whole time in my head I was going over all the ways I could prove to him that I was right. We’d go through the kitchen and all the rooms. I just KNEW I’d get him. I smiled mischievously as we said our goodbyes and we hung up the phone.

About 8 PM I set out to meet Devin at his house. He was outside in his yard walking around aimlessly. He really DIDN’T have anything to do. So I walked up and we greeted each other with our usual handshake and headed out towards the house. Along the way I decided to tell him what I knew about the house. Not that he’d believe me of course, but mostly just to make conversation as we made our way there.

“You know Devin, they say that in that house a man by the name of James Nevil died. They also say that his ghost still haunts the house and that inside the house you can hear his footsteps. Sometimes if you’re lucky you’ll even see his ghost!”

As I suspected, Devin just rolled his eyes and laughed, but he did humor me by asking: “Oh yeah? Well then tell me, what does James Nevil look like?”

His question threw me off a bit, but I was delighted to tell him, thinking maybe my knowledge of the ghost might intrigue him more. “Well, he’s tall, long black hair, somewhat of a lanky guy. That’s all I know of him.”

Devin nodded, and at that moment I knew that until we got to the house, he would show not even the slightest bit more interest.

About 10 minutes later we had reached the house. We both stared up at it. It was even creepier then I had remembered it to be. We walked up the front path surrounded by poorly tended grass and weeds to the front door. I looked at Devin and I asked: “Are you ready?”

“As I’ll ever be,” he said with a half-smile as he looked at me.

I then opened the door slowly and took a look inside. It was very dusty and dirty. Much of what you’d expect from an abandoned house. We entered and began taking a more detailed look at the furnishings of the house. For an abandoned house there was still some furniture in good condition and some portraits still on the walls. It was a bit surprising, but I figured no one would mess with it considering how no one else lived here besides Mr. Nevil.

Abandoned house, Peachtree City, Fayette County Georgia

We approached the portraits that were on the wall and sure enough there hung a picture of a tall lanky looking fellow with long black hair wearing very fancy clothing, the type of clothing you’d see someone wearing if they were going to a formal dance or somewhere fancy to eat. Devin turned to me and said with a small smirk: “Well, well – looks like you were accurate in your description of him, and from the looks of it he was pretty well off. I wonder what else he has around this place?”

His sudden interest in the house made my anticipation grow. He was walking right into the supernatural and he didn’t even know it! Oh what a laugh I’m going to get when I see his face, I thought!

I followed him to the first room of the house and the door was cracked so we decided to make that our first stop. We opened the door, fully revealing it to be a normal sized bedroom consisting of a twin bed, a dresser with a full body mirror on top, a ceiling fan, a closet with nothing in it, and worn out, tattered carpeting.

As we walked in we noticed beside the bed there was a gym bag. But it wasn’t flat like an empty one so we assumed that something was in it. Devin chuckled a bit and said”: “Poor guy, he must have been some sort of athlete or something, he left his gym bag out and everything. He must have been preparing to go play some ball or do some sort of exercise before he died.”

I nodded and I suddenly found myself wrapped up in it as well. What other secrets about this mysterious man was there? We decided to leave that room and go down to the next one. As we made our way toward the second room we both suddenly got chills. It didn’t feel that cold in the house, but if it was the ghost you’d think the chills would come when you entered the room – not when you left it.

We came to the second door which was closed. So we opened it and went inside. It was a bathroom, also nicely furnished. This man was indeed very well off as Devin had previously described. What caught our attention most wasn’t the nicely displayed bathroom, but what was sitting on top of the toilet seat. It was another gym bag. One that looked identical to the first!

Devin was once again the first to remark: “Dang another gym bag? This guy must have been really committed to the fitness thing, kinda weird huh, Allen?” I nodded once again, suddenly not feeling so confident. What was a gym bag doing in the bathroom? Why did he have two? Was he really that much of an athlete?

I lost all thoughts on trying to get Devin to believe in the supernatural at that moment. I was more concerned with the mysteries that were right in front of us. We left the bathroom, closing the door behind us, and decided to venture to the other side of the house. We figured that if we stayed in the same area too long we wouldn’t have time to see everything before we had to leave.

We passed back through the living room and walked into the kitchen. The floors were tile and was covered in dust. There were still dishes left in the sink and some of the cupboard doors were still open. As we walked in something caught my eye. On top of the stove there was yet another gym bag completely identical to the first two. With that I instantly got chills again. I tapped Devin on the shoulder and just pointed at the bag. Devin suddenly became a bit more cautious and his voice didn’t sound so energetic anymore when he spoke. “Uh… Allen?” Devin said. “Three gym bags? That’s really strange, why would there be three gym bags in separate rooms in the house? You’d think he’d keep all his stuff in one spot, and of all places the bathroom and kitchen?”

I shrugged as goose bumps poured over my skin. “Maybe we should gather them all up and see what he’s got in them? It might tell us more about the dude,” Devin said with a hint of nervousness in his voice. “Yeah, that sounds good, let’s do it” I said in a less-then-comfortable voice.

Devin grabbed the bag off of the stove and proceed back to the bathroom. When we opened the door we were both stunned to find that the bag was gone. We looked around trying to find it, but no sign of the gym bag was anywhere. I took another look at Devin as I noticed his skin started showing signs of goose bumps. I then remembered my previous reason for bringing him here. I never expected to become caught up in this as well.

I felt a little disappointed, but it quickly vanished as I saw Devin leave the room. I quickly followed him and saw him standing in front of the open bedroom doorway. I looked at him and saw his eyes wide and his mouth slightly agape. I followed his gaze to the bed and saw why he was so shocked. The bag by the bed was also missing! The only bag there seemed to be, was the one Devin was holding.

We both found ourselves frozen on the spot as yet another chill washed over us. Once we regained our composure a bit Devin dropped the bag and backed up a few steps. I backed up with him, neither one of us taking out eyes off the bag. We looked at each other. “One of us should open it,” Devin said with more than a hint of fear in his voice. “At least that way we’d know what’s in it, and it might clear up this weirdness.”

I looked at him but silently agreed. I stepped forward deciding it was my job to be the brave one considering I was the one who brought us here in the first place. As I stepped closer to the bag I reached down to open it, but before I could- out of nowhere we heard a blood curdling scream which appeared to fill the entire house with its volume! Echoes coursed through the house and we instantly were paralyzed with fear. Every bone in our bodies seemed to grow cold as we then heard two more screams, these screams also very loud. Upon further realization we realized – the two screams were ours!

We dashed out of that house as fast as we could dodging furniture and walls as we bolted out the front door. I glanced back just once and when I did I saw good ole Mr. James Nevil in the doorway holding a gym bag staring at us as we ran! We never found out what was in that bag, but we assume it’s still there to this very day for those brave enough to enter Mr. Nevil’s house.

And we never found out the reason for the scream that we heard, but whatever the reason is, or should I say WHERE ever the reason is, it’s in the bag.

I sit awake again in a cold sweat. I had that dream, that same dream that I have been having for years now. I just can’t shake the feeling that it means something. I can’t shake the thought that all those years ago, on that night, the night that changed his life. He refuses to speak of it again and he swore that he would never return to the place of his redefining. He made a promise that it would remain a mystery, and that no one would know about the events that transpired, and that I was to hold on to this knowledge and never speak of it again. It gets harder to do because that dream returns, and my curiosity grows. I feel as though every day that passes that I don’t seek answers, is another day that haunts me.

I grow tired of these constant sleep hallucinations, and every time I have it, the dream gets more vivid, and lucid. Almost like I am there in that house feeling everything as though the events were recurring and, if possible, more terrifying than when they first happened. It is this night that I now make a pledge to find out what no one else will, but before that happens I will share the dream that has sent me over the edge to betray him and find the answers that he made me promise not to find.

The dream starts with me alone in a house. All I can see is darkness and outlines of various objects that signify the one who owned the house was fairly well-off. I can vaguely make out a portrait of a man, that same dark-haired, lanky gentleman that was described to me. His eyes seemed to stare into my mine no matter where I looked. I could practically hear his voice as though the portrait was speaking to me. I would then walk towards the kitchen and in the doorway there it was, the talisman of my travels, the reason for this journey. I could feel my heartbeat increase and anticipation grow as I take slow steps toward it. As I reach out to pick it up, I feel this cold stare followed by the feeling that I am not alone. I could feel the eyes burn into me from an unknown origin. This doesn’t stop me, however, I purposefully reach down and pick it up, and that is when I look up and see him. I see his tall stature towering over me. I could feel his eyes staring directly into my soul, and I felt a fear like I have never felt before, then I heard it, I heard the blood-curdling scream, and with a scream of my own I wake up in that familiar cold sweat shooting upright in my bed gasping with wide-eyed paralyzing fear. I just couldn’t take it anymore, and I had to make it stop.

With the morning sun now upon me, and my lack of sleep evident as I slid out of bed, I decided if I was going to do this I would do it right and do some research before-hand. I needed to get some air so I figured I would take a walk and brainstorm how I would go about getting accurate knowledge of this place prior to the first-hand experience I would undoubtedly get. My walk led me almost unknowingly to the place I would explore, the place where I would find all the answers I sought.

“James Nevil…” That name, even saying it brought goose bumps to my body. I could feel my skin crawling with anticipation. At that same moment as I stared at that house, a rush of dread filled me up, curiosity began to take over me as I took a few steps toward that abandoned building. My steps felt more and more provoked as I drew closer to it and before I consciously realized it I was standing directly in front of the place.

With a shake of my head I realize where I am, and back up relatively quickly until I am about 100 feet away. The house beckons me forward, but for now I must resist. My footsteps feel heavy now, as I turn and begin walking away, as I do I could feel eyes on me as if to redirect my attention back toward that now-familiar house.

With a small smirk I say out loud “We’ll have our time to dance Mr. Nevil, a little more patience is all I ask.” With that I could feel a small weight lifted as though I was being acknowledged and allowed to move without restraints again.

I arrive back at my place and I enter with a renewed sense of drive, and motivation. I decide that gaining knowledge would only go so far, and that if I wanted to truly experience what he had described, if I wanted to truly be subjected to the feelings of fear, or horror, and of excitement that he had described I must rely on my own personal encounters. As much as I would love to get prior knowledge of the place, I remembered the only prior knowledge he had was the name of the owner, and where the house was located. If that was good enough for him, then it was good enough for me.

With that said I didn’t want to waste anymore time, and I began preparations for my adventure that I would embark on that night. I went through it over and over again in my head and came to the conclusion that this would be the night I would be absolved of my curiosity, or consumed by the fear that had once, and still does torment him.

I grabbed a flashlight, as well as some extra batteries, and put the off to the side so I would be able to see around the house as I explored it. As the night drew closer, the familiar anticipation grew more within me. I couldn’t get his story out of my head. I could recall his initial thrill as he spoke to me, and I could almost feel his initial excitement as he, himself explored the house with his good friend. He was so enthusiastic about his journey and he couldn’t wait to experience all that the house had to offer.

My reminiscing ended, and I realized that I had probably looked rather odd just standing there in one place staring into space. I was glad at that moment to have been alone. With a small smile I gather a jacket, as well as a small backpack to store the flashlight, and extra batteries in, then I headed outside again. I was a bit shocked to see that the sun had already set and I was greeted by the moonlight. I was surprised to see how much time had actually passed and briefly wondered exactly how long I was standing there.

“Alright Mr. Nevil, I am on my way, it’s time you and I had a meeting” I said out loud as I walked toward the house with relatively big strides. My thoughts consumed me as I walked and before I knew I was approximately 100 feet away from the place again. I could feel the pull that I had felt earlier in the day, this time I knew that I would give in, and accept the invitation as I had taken it to be. Oh what excitement I could feel, oh the adrenaline rush I could feel. My body tingled as I took now slow steps forward up to the front door. I gazed around taking in my surrounding, and the realization dawned on me where I was, what I was doing, and I felt a momentary lapse of will. I shook it off quickly “This ends tonight. I will discover your secret, you cannot hide anymore” I said as if talking to Mr. James Nevil himself.

I slowly reached out toward the door handle, my hand shaking a bit as I struggled slightly to keep my composure. The feeling of dread returned to me, and I had this sudden urge to turn around and go back the way I came. I could feel the goose bumps return accompanied with the feeling of eyes fixated on me, as if the presence within was aware of my arrival. I pulled my hand back to my side, and I glanced around. I could feel my nerve weakening the longer I stood there, but there was no turning back now. I had spent so much time thinking about this moment, and re-living how I thought it would be over and over again in my head, and as I stand here in this moment, at this house, feelings these feelings, I realize it is far more thrilling then I had ever imagined. I wonder if this was how he felt when he explored this place for the first time. My gaze returns to the front preparing to enter, and it is then that I realize with a gasp, that the door is open.

A momentary lapse of courage washed over me, and I could feel myself start to shake. This was turning into an already fruitful experience and I hadn’t even entered the house yet. After a few minutes to regain myself I step up to the doorway and peer inside. Darkness was all I could see, and the air became thick. I couldn’t help but feel as though somehow I had been expected, as if what lurked within that house was waiting for me. I then thought back to the dreams I had been having, and all the details they possessed. As I took my first steps into the house I removed by flashlight from the backpack and turned it on.

A small stream of light, now my only source of vision, emitted from the device and I wasted no time looking around. I stood still at first gathering my bearings, and getting a feel for the room. With my whole body now inside the house, the realization that there was no turning back set in and once again my heart began to beat quickly. I shine the light around some more until my vision is met with a portrait. Upon further inspection of the portrait, it had been the one in my dreams, and also the description matched the one he gave me when he first spoke of his story. The house was still, and the only sounds I heard were from my breathing, and as I turned to look around behind me and to my surprise the door was now closed.

Another chill shot up my spine, and now it was just me, and James Nevil. I smirked a bit as i said quietly “Yes Mr. Nevil, it is just you and I now. I trust that our time together will be most memorable”. I journeyed forward and came to a room with the door cracked slightly; I stepped up to it slowly. I pushed the door gently open letting the light guide my views. There was a bed in the center of the room, and I also noticed a relatively tall mirror on top of a dresser as well. It then dawned on me that this too was the first room that he visited when he arrived. I glanced down and noticed the tattered carpeting and then almost immediately toward the side of the bed where he had first seen it.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t there. The only thing beside the bed was the dust on the floor. I felt my heart sink a little, but I couldn’t let myself get discouraged. I turned around gasped as I gazed upon a dark shadow standing in the doorway. I jumped back dropping my flashlight on the ground. My breath quickened and I struggled to pick up the flashlight, and as I looked up the figure was gone. I stood there breathing heavy and looking around feeling more on edge now. I quickly exited the room and looked around. I used the flashlight to search the room, but it seemed the figure was gone.

Was that the man from the story? Was that the infamous James Nevil I had heard about? If it was he was certainly a man of humor. If I didn’t know better, I could have sworn I could hear laughter in the stillness of the night as everything grew quiet again. It seems the house was getting inside my head, as if to test my resolve, as if to determine if I was worthy to uncover the answers to the questions I have. “That’s one for you, Mr. Nevil, I can tell you are going to make this night interesting.”

I moved to the next room, I opened the door and shined the light inside. The bathroom, the next stop for him as well. I walked in slowly glancing around, and I looked towards the toilet, but again there was nothing on top of it. This was the sighting of the illustrious gym bag for the second time, and yet here I am in this room, and I haven’t even seen it once. I began to feel slightly frustrated. Why was he hiding it from me? Why was he so gracious with sightings before? Did he not want me to uncover his secret, or was it another test of my resilience? I would not give up, and I could feel my determination growing. The room then got cold, and I could feel my body stiffen. I looked around a bit as I stood there. I turned slowly around to face the door way, and there it was again. The dark figure I had seen in the previous room was standing there. I jumped a little bit due to the surprise, but thanks to my last scare I was half expecting it to happen again so the scare wasn’t as bad. Then the flashlight went out.

I was now consumed in darkness and in that moment I was truly terrified. I darted out of the room and did my best to find my way back to the entrance so I could once again be greeted by the light. My body was shaking as I found the door handle and turned it. To my surprise it opened. I was expecting it to be another classic scare tactic and the door be locked. I can’t tell you how grateful I was that it wasn’t. I stood regaining myself outside staring inward.

This was getting very real, very fast. I struggled to stabilize my breathing as I reached into the backpack and pulled out the extra batteries. After they were successfully placed I turned the flashlight on again. Round 2 has now begun as I entered the house again this time I would not leave until I had found my prize. My steps slow and calculated as I moved from the living from and stepped into the kitchen. I noticed there were some dishes left in the sink, and I thought back again to the story I was told, and there was yet another similarity. Almost as if the house were caught in time and was untouched since the house had its last visitors. My heart quickened again, as I looked on the stove and saw it. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I gazed at it. I temporarily forgot everything else around me as I stared at the precious gym bag in front of me.

I slowly reached forward and as if like clockwork, I heard this loud blood-curdling scream. I flinched and backed off momentarily. I look up and see him standing there clear as day in front of me. The on notice his expression was angry and menacing. The apparition moved toward me and fell back toward the door. It then lunged at me, but instead of bolting out of the door I side-stepped and bolted toward the kitchen. Just before I grabbed the bag I heard a very loud “NO!”

The apparition then disappeared as I grabbed the bag. I looked around and then down at my well-earned prize. I carry it over to the living room and set the bag down. I then reach down slowly again and grasp the zipper. I slowly open it and inside to my surprise there are clothes, and a few toys, but more than that there are numerous envelopes with names on them. I moved through them not opening any of them up just yet. I then came to one envelope with the name “James Nevil”. I tilt my head in confusion, but I decide to open this one first. As I do the letter reads as such.

“If you are reading this then there isn’t much time left. My name is James Nevil, and I have become a prisoner in my own home. My time is short. He has only given me an hour to write this which isn’t nearly enough time, but I have no choice. There is something evil in this house and he has shown me the contents over the very bag that you have just opened. As it stands there are a few toys and some clothes. He has told me that he has been many places and killed many people, but he says he likes my house the best because of how much mystery still resides about it. He told me that he will be staying here, and anyone that comes within its walls will be staying here too. He told me his story about how he manipulates the minds of the curious and the knowledge seekers in order to draw them in, and how sometimes it takes longer than others, but one way or another they find the bag and their curiosity overtakes them causing them to open it, and that is when the games begin. Tells me there is nothing particularly significant about the bag other than the possible contents within that brings people to seek to open it. As I write this we are having a conversation within my own head it seems, and I managed to peak his interest with a game. The game is a contest if you will, and it goes like this. Anyone who he draws to this house gets an opportunity to have their lives spared. In order for that to happen I must cause the “player” if you will to flee the house before they open the bag, if I am successful, then their life is spared, if I am unsuccessful, then I am afraid their fate is sealed. It was my only chance at saving the lives of those curious enough to enter and be enticed by the bag and its contents. I managed to convince him of one final condition to this game, which is this: Once you read the final word of this letter, you have 1 minute to find the unlocked door in this house that leads to the outside. There are 3 doors, one is the front door, the second is the kitchen door that leads out back to the back yard, and the third is located through one of the rooms upstairs. Good luck, and let the game begin.”

My eyes widened, but I didn’t hesitate as I dashed around to the front door and turned the knob. Locked, of course, I figured he wouldn’t make it that easy for me. I dashed without another moment toward the kitchen tripping over a rug on my way there which only slowed me down by a second or two. I reached desperately for the knob and turned. Locked as well, great, now I have to go upstairs which up until this point I had completely ignored. I race to the find the stairs finally finding them around the corner from the front door. I dashed upward, every second precious. I begin searching the few rooms that were up stairs finding no success in an upstairs bathroom, and no success in a room that seemed to be a sort of exercise room. I knew my time was short and my heavy breathing only getting heavier as I dashed towards the last room.

As I entered the room, I began moving toward the door that I could now see. I began to feel as though my body sudden got heavier. My steps became more weighted, and less determined. I felt as though the strength were being sucked from my body. Time was running out, and my vigor was draining as well as my will to continue. I started to believe I wouldn’t make it, that this would be my final resting place. I knew I had to make it out, not only for me, but for him. I owed it to him to make it out. I told him I wouldn’t pry, and I betrayed him. I went behind his back and not only dug deeper, but got myself into a situation that could have been easily avoided. I wonder if he would be ashamed of me if he could see me now.

Snapping back to reality from my own thoughts, I realized I couldn’t give up. I pushed forward. As I did I saw the door open as if James Neville were trying to assist me once again. I could see my freedom directly in front of me. I felt my legs start to lose feeling as the thoughts of my demise began to roam within my mind again. This was it, the end of my journey. I failed him, and there was nothing I could do about it. My body became completely numb all at once, and I could feel the life being taken from me. With the last bit of strength I had, I looked up and saw Mr. Nevil standing above me. I wondered if he was sorrowful that I didn’t head his warning.

I opened my eyes slowly and looked around. I couldn’t really move, but I knew where I was. I was outside on the porch of the house. I looked back and saw the front door closed. I wondered how I got out of the house alive. From my knowledge I was dead meat. There was no logical way that I could have made it out of there unless I had some sort of help. I thought for minute and remembered my last vision before I had passed out. It was him, James Nevil, again he had come to my rescue. I sat up slowly, moved to my feet, then began to look around. I walked away from the house only to turn around and gaze upon it in its entirety.

For one night this house was all I could think about. It was my journey, it was my sacrilege, and it was almost my resting place. Thanks to him I made it out a live, but vowed to keep this experience to myself. I wouldn’t speak of it again, nor would engage that house again. The secrets that lie within are not mine to expose. It is obvious that there is a malevolent force within those walls, and is far beyond my expertise to try to figure out what it was. James Neville gave me a second chance, and I wouldn’t blow it this time.

Still though, I do wonder what those toys and clothes were doing in that bag. Whose were they? More importantly what were those other letters in that bag? Were they other victims? All these new questions appear in my head. I gave a small smirk as I still gazed upon the house. I can still feel it pull to me. I can still feel it tempting me to challenge it once again. Although if I did I doubt Mr. Nevil would take pity on me a second time, or maybe he would who knows. The point is I don’t know what any of those things in the bag meant, or who they belonged to, and maybe I never would. I didn’t mind though because I had accomplished my mission. I had come out of it far from without scars, but the important thing was that I had come out of it. As I turned away from the house again I began to walk away with a smile on my face. The house grew small and more distant with every step that I took. As for the answers to those remaining questions. Well, as he would put it “It’s in the bag.”


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    The second part has been submitted, and I do hope it appears here.

  2. Allen Mills IV

    Apologies for the wait, but the story is in progress. I am currently writing it at the only location I have to write it. Life happened and it had to be put off, but it is officially in the works, and it hopefully won’t be too much longer. Thank you for your patience.

  3. Wow I’m wondering also what’s in that bag maybe it is a bag of Mr. Nevil’s body parts and the ghost is waring the boys stay away 😀

  4. suf@l!!

    Very well written,but i am concious to know whats in the bag in its 2nd part!!

  5. Allen Mills IV

    Alright everyone after all this time I have decided to make a second part to this story revealing what is in the bag. I originally wasn’t going to, but I figure why let this be one of the unsolved mysterious. You guys asked for it so I will make it happen. I will post it here, but if it doesn’t get published and you are curious please let me know with your e-mails.

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    good build up but the ending absolutley hopeless…….I want ten minutes of my life back !!

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    i love this story it is ausome

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    Awsome story anyone whos dumb enough to go into that house deserves to get the crap scared out of them

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    Wow. That’s scary.
    I think that maybe mr. Nevil’s body was chopped and being put in the bag.
    But i really want to knw whats in the bag.

  10. Allen Mills IV

    Yay! I am glad I got more people to read and like it :D.

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    The best story out of all of them!

  12. wow this scory is cool and gave me goosebumps for the 1st time.

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    I just realized that the number 0 looks identical to the letter o xD so it is AwakenedSoul zero zero not the letter o xD.

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    I am glad you guys liked it ^^ I am attempting to get another one in I just wrote it today, keep a look out for it. It is called The Moonlit Road lol. if not I can send it to you, once again my E-mail is :D.

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    Once again great job on this story it was scary and really held my attention kleep them coming

  19. Allen Mills IV

    Jean: I appreciate your comment thank you so much I will keep writing, I have submitted another story on here, but it hasn’t appeared yet, if you are interested in reading it my E-mail address is feel free I will keep you posted.

    Ashley: Haha the rousing question. What is in the bag, well use your imagination, I left that part blank for a reason, I want to see what my readers can come up with.

  20. ashley martin

    well I’m not afraid of any thing but i would like to know whats in the bag. and i would be the only one of my friend to open it with out screaming. i would just be like guys all it is ……. and they would be screaming while I’m just sitting there like why are yaw screaming. but yea whats in the bag.

  21. Jean Pasigon

    wow…. like what a nerve rackin’, chill spinnin’ extreme tension story is this! If I had the chance to go to that house and open the bag….. I’ll hear my three screams even more like AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! He’s got me and GEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTT OOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! and WWOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ’til I can beat a soprano singer or a tenor guy………….. What’s IN the bag? I’m curious…