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Lorenzo Dow


Lorenzo Dow, traveling preacher, and his legendary curse of the town of Jacksonboro, Georgia.

The story of the “curse” of Lorenzo Dow on the citizens of Jacksonboro, Georgia is one of the state’s most enduring legends. Odds are that the town was destroyed by earthly causes, and not the curse of a traveling preacher. But this story is not the only wild legend that has grown from the life of Lorenzo Dow.

Lorenzo Dow’s reputation in some quarters as a wild man stemmed mostly from his earth shaking, fire-and-brimstone sermons that he delivered with stunning conviction. He was, if nothing else, a man dedicated to his calling. Lorenzo was born in 1777 in Conneticut, and gained fame as a teenager preaching around his home state. Until his death in 1834, he traveled over 200,000 miles tirelessly spreading the Gospel – not only in the United States, but in Canada, the West Indies, England and Ireland.

As for the town of Jacksonboro – as the story says, there is nothing left. But the tiny home that is said to have once belonged to the Goodall family sits alone on U.S. 301, a few miles north of Sylvania.

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