Ghost Stories and Tall Tales of the American South

Murderous Mary – Story Credits


Written by Craig Dominey and Chuck Larkin

Told by Chuck Larkin

Sound Design by Henry Howard

Photography provided by:
Martha Erwin, Assistant Curator, Unicoi County Heritage Museum 
Circus World Museum, Baraboo, Wisconsin 
Paul Bernhardt
Chuck Larkin

Special thanks to Ruth Pieper, Martha Erwin and Paul Bernhardt for research assistance.


3 Responses to “Murderous Mary – Story Credits”

Patrick Adkins:

Simply amazing. Especially the pictures you were able to use to illustrate the story.

My name is Patrick Adkins. I am a graduate student at East Tennessee State University. I am currently making a documentary about the town of Erwin, TN and the hanging of Mary the Elephant.

After reading this and seeing the amazing images, I contacted Martha Erwin at the Unicoi County Heritage Museum. She said that a scrapbook containing photographs was taken from the museum some time ago. I was wondering if you would happen to still have the photos that you used in this story in a larger resolution? They would be so helpful in the making of the documentary.

If you think you might still have the images, please feel free to email me back at this address:
[email protected]



Patrick, I don’t believe we have high res versions of these photos. You can search through newspaper records of the time, maybe the Library of Congress.

Pam Wood:

Patrick, I am very interested in your research and film. How are they coming? My husband is working on a novel and he is very fascinated with the story of Mary. We will be in Johnson City several Sundays this June to visit my daughter who will be in Governor School. I would love to get together with you over coffee or drinks to discuss your film.

Eagerly awaiting your film, Pam Wood

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