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My Moonlit Road


Ghost story of one man’s sleepness night that leads to a mysterious encounter with a stranger along a moonlit road. Written by Allen Mills IV

Hello everyone, my name is Ralph Heinsley and the story I am about to tell you is one that to this day I still cannot comprehend, nor can I determine whether it really happened or if I was stuck in some sort of dream. But nevertheless it is a story I wish to share with you today.

Before I start my story I shall give you a bit of background on my living quarters. I live in the state of Alabama, a very prosperous place with beautiful green foresty areas and lots of hiking grounds. These are the types of places that capture my attention most. They are so peaceful and give you a chance to breathe and relax from your day to day activities. I however wasn’t lucky enough to be able to afford such a beautiful plot of land, but instead I live in the middle of a city where the only sign of forest life came from the occasional squirrel that would wander around. There is much activity during the day. People walking around from job to home and vice versa, and there is always a conversation or two you could listen in on as you walked down the side if you were in to that sort of thing. Personally I saw no reason to get involved in other people’s matters so I mostly tuned it out. The buildings around me weren’t all that tall, but they were numerous and were always full of people. The night times in this town were always eerily quiet. As though not a soul lived there. It was the kind of quiet that made even those that enjoyed peace and quiet to want to make a sound or two, and that my friends is where I shall begin my tale.

It started one night as I lay awake in bed having trouble once again at falling asleep. I wasn’t sure where this struggle originated, but one thing was for certain – it needed to stop. I sat up for what felt like the hundredth time that night contemplating my next move and how I would again convince the sandman that I was ready for sleep. After a few minutes of thinking time I decided to take a walk. Surely a short stroll under the moonlight would soothe the body and mind enough to relax and drift into dreamland.

As I got up and got dressed I thought about what path I would take and determined whether or not it would be a long walk or short one. Once I was fully clothed I decided that a short walk was best. Didn’t want to get over tired to the point where falling asleep would be impossible. I walked out of my bedroom and proceeded to the front door. I opened it up and closed it behind me. I then began to walk from my house down a path that led further into town.

As I walked looking around at the stars, I couldn’t help but notice that the moon was very bright that night. I smiled thinking about how beautiful it was, as it gave the Earth light and provided adequate scenery for my surroundings. As I continued to look around I noticed that the moon was extraordinarily bright on one path in particular. I took notice of it as soon as I looked at it. The path was a dirt road and for some reason seemed to lead out of town. It also had trees lined along both sides of the path, which was unusual especially being that it was in the middle of a city. It captured my attention to the point where I had stopped moving altogether. I approached it and stood at its entrance. It seemed like a quaint path. One that looked to be very relaxing.

So I decided to take a walk down the moonlit road.

It didn’t take long for me to feel at ease. The smells and the sights were all very enamoring. So much so that I didn’t even notice that I wasn’t alone anymore. A gentleman looking about 6 foot tall had strolled up beside me. He had long white hair and a kind smile. He was very fancily dressed, which was unusual for this time of night. He had black dress shoes and white gloves. He also had on a black button down shirt which hung loose over the top of his black dress pants. The man was smiling next to me as we walked. He had not yet made eye contact with me so I spoke first.

“Um, excuse me sir..” I said a bit nervously.

The man smiling still, looked at me as we walked saying nothing. Once again I tried to start a conversation.

“I don’t mean to be rude, but do I know you?”

“Yes” the man said, still smiling.

He was looking forward as if he had not a care in the world. His posture was that of someone of a different era. It was poised and very confident, yet somehow still relaxed in its own way. I had only taken my eyes off of him to make sure I was still following down the path. Other then that, my eyes were fixed on this man. I then said to him:

“Well, alright – who might I ask are you?”

“I am the guy walking beside you on this beautiful road.” His smile grew and a small laugh escaped him.

I couldn’t help but to laugh with him for a second. I was a bit relieved that the stranger seemed to mean me no harm, so I decided – why not enjoy the company? We walked for awhile not saying anything. I hadn’t even been thinking about how much time had passed, I had just been enjoying the experience. He then turned to me and said:

“You must be having problems sleeping to be out this late.”

I looked at him and smiled a bit, then nodded and replied:

“Yes I must admit, sleeping hasn’t been easy to come by these last few days.”

He then looked at me and said, “Well not to worry, soon you will be able to sleep peacefully, This road has a certain way about it that calms even the heaviest of nerves.”

I looked at him again and nodded. “Yes it does appear that I am already getting quite tired. Perhaps I should turn back.”

The man then looked at me, his smile still the same. He pointed forward and said, “Oh, don’t worry about that, it would be most troublesome to walk all that way again. I have a place just ahead that you can stay at for the night. It is no trouble at all, I haven’t had a guest at the house in quite some time.”

His smile increased which made him appear to have a more boyish mannerism, though the man looked to be well into his 20’s or maybe early 30’s. I was a bit shocked by this. I asked the man how long we had been walking and he replied that we had been walking for about an hour. When he told me this I was really surprised. I had only anticipated a 10 to 15 minute walk at the most, but here I had walked for more than three times that.

I thought for a minute, looked back at the man and nodded, then agreed to stay with him. I was exhausted by this time and figured if the man had intended on hurting me that he would’ve done it a while ago. He led me inside and smiled.

The house was very dusty, but it had a homey feel to it. He led me upstairs to a room he told me would be mine for the night. He then told me that if I didn’t see him in the morning that it was because he had somewhere he needed to be. I smiled kindly and nodded. Before I laid down I turned to him and said, “I don’t mean to impose, but I don’t recall getting your name, sir.”

The man smiled back and nodded and said, “My name is Ben Davis.”

I smiled and replied, “I am Ralph Heinsley, it is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Davis.”

He grasped my hand and shook it firmly. He then nodded and smiled kindly as usual and left the room, closing the door behind him.

I yawned and stretched then slowly made my way over to the bed. I crawled under the covers that felt warm and cozy instantly. That night I had the best sleep I’d had in a while. I don’t even remember what time I had passed out.

When I woke up the sun was shining in the window. I sat up and looked around. I was a bit in a daze at what had happened the night before. I got out of bed and walked downstairs to the front room. There was a note sitting on a coffee table that looked like had just been put there recently. I walked over and picked it up and it read:

“Please, take my vehicle back to town. The key is in the car. I will be back to retrieve it upon my return, don’t worry about gas or repaying me, the company you provided was payment enough. Sincerely, Ben Davis.”

I was unable to understand why he was so kind to me. I mean, not 24 hours ago we had no idea each other existed and now all of a sudden he is letting me use his car to get back home? I was skeptical so I decided to go outside and check for myself.

As I walked outside the sun was really bright, it took my eyes a minute to adjust. Once my eyes came to focus, right in front of me was an old station wagon. It looked like it had seen better days, but it didn’t look completely broken. I walked around it a few times to check it out and decided to try the driver’s side door. It opened up and there on the driver’s seat was a single key. I looked it over and hesitantly picked up. I then sat down and placed the key in the ignition.

I turned the key and the car started right up. It sounded great, the car purred calmly. I sat there with the car running for a minute or two examining the inside and taking in what was happening. I couldn’t believe I was really sitting in someone’s car whom I had barely met – and even more unreal then that he actually is letting me drive it assuming I was an honest man. Although I do suppose I gave him no reason not to trust me, so I think he might have believed the car would be in good hands.

I closed the door and turned the wheel and began to drive down the path towards home. Along the trip I had thought about everything up to this point and how unusual and yet how fortunate things turned out, and about how good of a night’s sleep I had gotten which I haven’t been able to get in some time.

About 20 minutes later I make it back to town, and I was surprised to see people outside their houses looking very unhappy. As I saw what they were looking at, it became apparent that during the night the town had experienced total chaos. There were bullet holes and broken windows as well as vandalized vehicles everywhere. I was at a loss for words as I pulled up to my house. I got out of the car and prepared myself to witness the destruction that my eyes would soon meet.

As I took a good look at my house it looked to have been completely untouched. I was confused so I rushed over and circled the house looking for anything that might be out of place or damaged.

None at all. Everything was fine, nothing was hit or stolen. It didn’t even look like anyone TRIED to damage the house. I couldn’t understand it at all. How could this happen and me conveniently not have been around? Did my new friend plan this? Did he know about the event and chose to save me from it? If so why? So many questions filled my head at one time.

By this time the police had showed up and were taking statements from the people involved. I decided to approach one of the officers who wasn’t talking to anyone and asked what had happened. The officer told me that apparently a riot broke out between two gangs and things just got out of hand. I nodded and proceeded to point to my house which received no damage and explained to him how my new friend Ben Davis had led me away before all of this happened. The officer looked puzzled at first, then his face grew somber. The officer proceeded to explain that Ben Davis was a victim of a drive by shooting in the early 80’s and had died just outside the house I was living in now. He told me that back then violence was among the norm of the town and had caused many people to move away to safer locations.

Davis had apparently known about the dangers before he moved in thanks to the neighbors around him, but decided he wasn’t going to let it stop him from living there.

I looked at the officer in disbelief and tried to explain that I had seen him last night. I then pointed towards the path that he had walked with me down. The officer again looked confused and then said:

“What path?”

This confused me and I started to tell him, but when I looked, the path was gone. There were no trees, no path, anything that resembled anything leading away from town. I then looked back towards the car I had taken to get back home and to my astonishment, it too was gone. There was no proof that it had even been there in the first place.

I suddenly felt ill and decided to go back to the house and get some rest. I slept good that night too. When I woke up I sat up quickly and dashed outside looking around at the people’s homes that were still damaged and destroyed, and the occasional person who leaves the house and the occasional person who returned. More importantly, I was looking for the path as well as the car thinking maybe I just had a bad view from before.

Try as I might I could not find either of those things. Even as I write this I question my own sanity, and even as I re-read this over and over again trying to make sense of it, something to happen that would prove I wasn’t crazy, still I came up short, and still I remain just as questionable as when I first started. No matter the outcome or if I ever find anything relating to that event one thing is for certain: I will never forget my alleged friend Ben Davis, and I will never forget the alleged path we walked together and the alleged house I stayed in and even the alleged car that I drove to return to the place I call home. Even more unforgettable than that was the fact that even if none of that existed, the fact still remains, I got the best sleep I have had in years.


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nyc story 🙂


That was awesome! I loved it!


This is a great story with amazing twists and turns

Allen Mills IV:

I appreciate the compliments ^^ I am glad you liked it :D.


This was cool! your not insane… trust me. ghosts do that all the time… your very lucky to have that happen to you! great storie! nice details too


that story was the best I ever herd.


Beautiful =) I can only picture how wonderful it must have been yo be walking down that path. Amazing story really :]

Allen Mills IV:

Aww thank you guys I appreciate it so much :).


I’m just glad he wasn’t one of those harmful ghosts. Great story! 🙂

Allen Mills IV:

Thank you ^^.

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