Ghost Stories and Tall Tales of the American South


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America’s Famous Haunted Houses and Hotels
From, a fun collection of some of America’s spookiest places. Map:

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights
Who needs sleep anyway? Original and audio scary stories.

Feo Amante’s Horror Thriller
Horror, Thriller, Mystery, and Suspense in literature, movies, and more – by the fans and creators – for the fans and creators.

Supernatural community with an extensive library of personal encounters, ghost pictures, message boards, ghosts chat, and in-depth articles on the paranormal.

Ghost Web of the International Ghost Hunters Society
Drs. Dave and Sharon Oester offer free membership in the largest (12,100 members) Paranormal Research Society on the Internet.

Haunted Places
Contains paranormal travel guide. Haunted hotels and other sites listed according to US state.
Travel site to haunted hotels, inns and B&B’s across the United States.

The best of paranormal audio and video on demand.

Legends of America
Ghostly Legends & Mysteries – Dozens of stories on ghosts, haunting’s and mysteries in the American West.

Paranormal Network
Curators of the largest online paranormal library. Ghosts, UFOs, aliens, and unexplained creatures await within.

Short N Scary Stories is the largest online collection of true and real scary ghost stories. If you have any real scary ghost story, submit it here and share your experience with world.

Southern Ghosts
Coordinating special paranormal investigations and ghost tours in some of the best haunted cities in America.

Your Ghost Stories
Your source for real ghost stories. Submit your paranormal experience!


Center for the Study of Southern Culture (CSSC)
Interdisciplinary studies of all aspects of Southern music and culture at Ole Miss. in Oxford, Mississippi.

Center for the Study of the American South
Includes online exhibits, links to UNC southern history resources, and information aoout programs, including the Southern Oral History Program.

Deep South Magazine
Stories on travel, dining, shopping and events, as well as a “Southern Voice” literary section, Deep South aims to help readers rediscover their South, while also looking back on the history and traditions that got us to where we are today.

Not-for-profit, educational and literary organization based in Rabun County, Georgia.

Like The Dew
Offers original content with a progressive Southern (USA) perspective on politics, news, opinion and culture.

The New Georgia Encyclopedia
Authoritative source on the people, places, events, and institutions of Georgia.

The Southerly
Southern historic sites, weird roadside attractions, good restaurants, even better coffee.

Southern Cultural Heritage Foundation
Nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the diverse cultural heritage of Vicksburg, Mississippi, the Mississippi Delta, and the American South.

Southern Festivals
List of southeast festivals fairs, events and entertainers in Georgia , North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and Florida.

Southern Literary Trail
Celebrating writers of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.


Children’s Literature Web Guide
Internet resources related to books for children and young adults.

Encyclopedia Mythica
On-line encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and legend, containing definitions of deities, fabulous creatures and places, as well as images and stories.

National project to instruct and inspire people to record each others’ stories in sound.

National project to instruct and inspire people to record each others’ stories in sound.
Listen to stories, read stories, find tellers and storytellers.

The Storytelling FAQ
Official internet guide to storytelling worldwide, for beginners and professionals, including practical advice, contacts and resources.
Handy list of storytelling sites and programs.

The Wren’s Nest
Preserved home of Joel Chandler Harris, the 19th century Atlanta journalist who penned the Brer Rabbit and Uncle Remus tales.

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