Virginia ghost story about haunted Mabry Mill. Written by Alan Spencer.

High atop a Blue Ridge hill lies the venerable Mabry Mill.
It once produced a wonderful bounty
of products sold throughout Floyd County.
For over a century the mill’s been a staple.
Surrounded by trees, oak and maple.

Visitors travel to see this sight
But the real show happens at night.
While all good people are asleep in bed,
this time is active for the dead.

Next to the mill sits a lagoon,
that releases spirits each full moon.
The lagoon is but a shallow basin
but becomes paranormal on a certain occasion.

Three spectral orbs arise from the pond,
ghostly avatars of men long gone.
Each ball of light floats right to the mill.
They penetrate the walls to resume their skill.

Mabry Mill, Floyd County, Virginia

In a the old days they worked here to earn some pay
But they no longer can do so during the day.
When alive in daylight they worked with wood and flour.
Now they do so at the witching hour.
The sprits will labor for all eternity,
as the rest of the world advances modernity.

The orbs floated silently into the building.
Walls to ghosts are inadequate shielding.
The balls took a designated place.
Each slowly transformed into a face.
The size of the orbs began to grow
as the rest of the bodies started to show.
Their eyes are sunken, their skin is pale
they look like they’ve come from the depths of hell.

The workers began their shift that night
each took his station as if it were right.
These poor souls are unaware of the passage of time.
To them the year is ninteen hundred and nine.
They still work the mill with the same sense of pride.
Sadly, they do not know that they have died.

Though these old mill workers refuse to die,
they continue to make products no living will buy.
After some time the dawn starts to break.
From the ghosts’ perspective, now it is late.
They’re work “day” is at an end.
If only you could have been there, my friend.

As the sky gradually brightens.
This poem is not meant to frighten
It’s simply a tale about bygone days
that ends with the appearance of sun rays.
The spirits reverse their trip through time’s door
as they revert back into their orbs.
They float through the walls and back to the pond.
As I said before, they’re not truly gone.
They leave because the sun brings in the light.
Alas, they’ll be back in thirty nights.


For more information on Mabry Mill, visit their official site.

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  1. I am a retired professor writing a book on Haunted Mills. I have visited the mill almost a dozen times and think M.M. is one of the most beautiful mills in the country. I am also the President of The Society for the Preservation of Old Mills (SPOOM) and have visited over 500 mills worldwide.

    I enjoyed your poem immensely. Is it based on a local rumor or legend, or an original piece of fiictional literature on your part? If based on myth or legend, is the content of your piece consistent with the “story” from which it is drawn.

    It is really a remarkable story for those of us who know the mill. Thank you. SPOOM has a quarterly magazine that prints a variety of mill-related articles and other items. If you’d be interested in letting us print it, contact Sandy Birkland, Editor, Old Mill News at Tell her I told you to call.

    Dave Haines
    7 Sycamore Terrace
    Windham, CT 06280

  2. maddi

    I was expecting a ghost story but this was a nice surprise.;)

  3. Humera

    i was expecting a ghost story not a poem

  4. Kjeff19

    nice poem but i was expecting something spooky…

  5. austin petty

    yhat was a ggod poem but the last pitcher a fazzy ghost? relly scary

  6. KartyEileen1998

    Wow. This is story has sooo much SWAG! Love it!!!!! <3

  7. Sharina:p

    this poem is an amazing one i actually felt like i was actually in the poem. That just shows how much i love reading lghost stories on halloween.
    thank you for publishing this amazing poem

  8. kayla

    amazing! i love the detail that you put in to the story it makes it more realistic. while i was reading it i got the chills. the story kinda made me scared even though it wasnt ment to make me scared. i love the picture the one with the orb it went really well with the details you said about it. the picture of the person with his/her hand on the glass is very creepy but i loved it,the picture made it more spine tinggaling. i loved the poem in the first place it was very lovely by lovely i mean very good at telling you about the main theme. anyhow i was just trying to say AMAZING! poem! πŸ™‚

  9. Mike Ray (@MikeRay7Va)

    Thank you;what a great Poem!

  10. Jordan Lee

    The pictures are really awesome, I hope u guys think that too!!!!

  11. jigobooo

    i love the story!!!!!!!!!!! are u sared???

  12. tristan

    awsome story!!!!!!

  13. neairra

    i like the poem! is anyone scared????

  14. shynisocrazy11

    not so scary

  15. Patty

    I will think of this ghost story everytime I visit the Mill. I love the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Mill. It is located about 45 minutes from my home.

  16. snow angel

    i love the ghost picture

  17. Rylee

    An amazing story in a short poem. Good job, I really enjoyed reading your poem.

  18. Rylee

    I want to see a story thats real and has real pictures

  19. Amber

    An amazing story in a short poem. Good job, I really enjoyed reading your poem.

  20. bleh


  21. Alan

    Thank you all for reading and for commenting on my work. Amaya, I hope you will share your poem with the rest of us.

  22. Amaya

    i love this poem i love poetry i just wrote a poem!

  23. Jenni

    I thought something was going to come out and scream at me or something

  24. a

    wonderful & amazing story