Ghost Stories and Tall Tales of the American South

Skull Lake – Story Background


“Skull Lake” was orignally based on an urban legend I heard about a group of kids who committed a crime at a local lake, and this lake took on the shape of a skull at nighttime. But more than that, this story is really a story about guilt and how it can follow you throughout your life. Guilt is one of the sources for hauntings you find in many ghost stories.


3 Responses to “Skull Lake – Story Background”

Yvonne Marie:

LOVED this story, Excellent Story Teller!:) It’s very true, your past can, and more often than not, and will haunt you.

Megan Stimac:

That was an amazing story. What really made it hit was that the boy had drowened and had not died from the head injury. Sent chills down my spine that is fur sure. Wow.

jose tierrablanca:

coooollll story ever

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