Ghost Stories and Tall Tales of the American South


Looking for a Southern ghost tour, haunted place, ghost hunt or historic travel site that has inspired our stories? Then here’s a handy map showing how to get to these places! There’s also a master list below the map. NOTE: We’re only telling you how to get there, not what to do. If something weird happens, you’re on your own. Happy travels!

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Pawleys Island, SC: 33.433224, -79.121431
Chickamauga Battlefield, GA : 34.942377, -85.259056
Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans, LA: 30.000138, -90.115356
Central State Hospital. Milledgeville, GA: 33.051543, -83.219767
Georgetown, SC: 33.376834, -79.294496
New Hope, GA: 33.958769, -84.789637
Adams, TN: 36.582267, -87.065556
Okefenokee Swamp: 31.063997, -82.271273
Erwin, TN: 36.006895, -82.290344
Fiddler\'s Rock (aka Screaming Rock): 36.349291, -81.745667
Poole\'s Mill Covered Bridge: 34.290656, -84.242290
Ellis Hotel (former Winecoff Hotel), Atlanta, GA: 33.758269, -84.387711
Sawnee Mountain, GA: 34.253273, -84.138274
The Maco Light: 34.230922, -78.118603
Old Hans Muller Residence: 29.961780, -90.062187
The Wren\'s Nest (Joel Chandler Harris Home): 33.738212, -84.422561
The Myrtles Plantation: 30.794631, -91.380955
Ibo Landing (also Igbo or Ebo Landing): 31.208286, -81.394542
Alice Flagg\'s Grave (All Saints Church): 33.470780, -79.136829
The Belle Boyd House: 39.459557, -77.961341
The Santa Claus Train: 36.548434, -82.561819
Brown Mountain Lights, NC: 36.066516, -81.870390
Bill Sketoe Hole, Newton, AL: 31.344099, -85.613596
Grave of Rosalie Mackenzie Poe: 38.947444, -77.012036
Green Elm Cemetery Bridge: 33.245376, -97.936388
Thurber, Texas: 32.506599, -98.418121
St. Albans Sanitorium, Radford, VA: 37.139172, -80.580138
McDow Hole, Erath County, Texas: 32.094937, -98.243523
Goatman\'s Bridge, Texas: 33.129304, -97.104238
Historic Lawrenceviille Jail: 33.956670, -83.990377
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Pawleys Island, SC
Gray Man ghost of Pawleys Island, SC

Story: The Gray Man

Tiny Pawleys Island is located in the Tidelands of Georgetown County, South Carolina. Four miles long and a quarter mile wide at its widest point, Pawleys is one of the oldest beach resorts on the East Coast. Numerous sightings of The Gray Man ghost have occurred here.

Pawleys Island, SC, USA
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Chickamauga Battlefield, GA
Civil War cannon Chickamauga Battlefield

Stories: Green Eyes

Chickamauga Battlefield, in northwestern Georgia close to the Tennessee state line, was the scene of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War, second only to Gettysburg according to historians. Battlefield is rumored to be haunted, and many sightings of the mysterious Green Eyes creature happen here.

3370 Lafayette Road, Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742
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Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans, LA
Flaming Tomb Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans, LA

Stories: The Flaming Tomb

Metairie Cemetery, site of the ghost of Josie Arlington and the "Flaming Tomb," is an immense, 150-acre graveyard built on the site of an old racetrack. If you drive into New Orleans off Interstate 10 on the Pontchartrain Expressway, you can’t help but notice it as you cross the Orleans Parish line. An entire day or two could be spent touring the vast network of crypts and monuments, and it’s well worth your time to take a tour when you’re in town.

5100 Pontchartrain Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70124
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Central State Hospital. Milledgeville, GA
Central State Hospital, Milledgeville, GA
Central State Hospital, Milledgeville, GA

Story: Milledgeville
Notes: Central State Hospital

620 Broad St, Milledgeville, GA
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Georgetown, SC
Georgetown, South Carolina is the third oldest city in the state and often called the “ghost capital of the South.” Over one hundred ghosts are rumored to haunt this coastal region. While many local residents scoff at the existence of such ghosts, others readily tell the well-known tales of local hauntings and paranormal phenomena.


Georgetown, SC
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New Hope, GA

Stories: Hell Hole

New Hope is an unincorporated community in Paulding County, Georgia. Site of the Battle of New Hope Church, one of the last battles before Sherman's campaign reached Atlanta during the American Civil War. Site of the "Hell Hole" (behind New Hope Cemetery on Old Cartersville Road) where various Civil War hauntings have been reported. Also the site of the 1977 crash of Southern Airways Flight 242 which killed 72 people.

Source: Wikipedia

4393 Dallas Acworth Highway, Dallas, GA
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Adams, TN

Stories: The Bell Witch Cave

Best known as the home of the famous Bell Witch hauntings. Many locals claim that the Bell Witch still roams the hills surrounding this tiny, once prosperous railroad town one mile south of the old Bell property.

Adams, TN
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Okefenokee Swamp
Okefenokee Swamp

Stories: Swamp Camping

The Okefenokee Swamp (Native American name for "Land of the Trembling Earth") is the largest, intact, freshwater and black water wilderness swamp in North America.


5700 Okefenokee Swamp Park Rd, Waycross, GA 31503
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Erwin, TN

Stories: Murderous Mary

Site of the tragic "Murderous Mary" elephant hanging in 1916. Erwin is the county seat of Unicoi County, TN, known locally as “The Valley Beautiful,” located in the mountains of upper east Tennessee. Erwin is a historic railroad town also known today for its apple crops.

Erwin, TN, USA
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Fiddler's Rock (aka Screaming Rock)

Stories: The Ghost of Fiddler's Rock

Rock outcropping also known as "Screaming Rock" said to be haunted by the ghost of fiddler Martin Stone. Located near the top of Stone Mountain, which can be accessed via Stone Mountain Road off Highway 421 just north of Trade, TN.

Trade, TN
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Poole's Mill Covered Bridge
Poole's Mill Covered Bridge

Stories: The Blue Girl

Poole’s Mill Covered Bridge in Forsyth County, Georgia is one of the best-preserved covered bridges in the state. Now a pretty county park more than a haunted destination, though several ghost stories have been written based on it.

7725 Pooles Mill Road, Ball Ground, GA 30107
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Ellis Hotel (former Winecoff Hotel), Atlanta, GA
Winecof Hotel

Stories: One More Room

The old Winecoff Hotel was the site of one of the worst hotel fires in American history (1946). After sitting vacant for years it has now been remodeled into the elegant Ellis Hotel, but a historic marker is still visible.

176 Peachtree Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30303
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Sawnee Mountain, GA
Stories: Chief Sawnee's Gold

Now part of a preserve, Sawnee Mountain is a popular hiking spot north of Atlanta. It is also the source of many legends, most famous of which is the mysterious Chief Sawnee of the Cherokee Nation and his gold, buried somewhere in Sawnee Mountain according to popular legend.

4075 Spot Rd, Cumming, GA 30040
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The Maco Light
Maco Light Ghost Train

Stories: The Maco Light

Former railroad site of the "Maco Light" ghost lantern, one of North Carolina's most famous ghost stories and paranormal phenomena. The tracks have been taken up, but a nearby subdivision has a street named "Joe Baldwin Drive" - the ghostly conductor who once haunted the tracks.

Maco Road Northeast, Leland, NC
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Old Hans Muller Residence
Hans Muller House

Stories: The Sausage Ghost

Old residence of Mr. Hans Muller, a New Orleans butcher who, according to legend, murdered his wife and put her body in a sausage grinder. Mr. Muller was later driven to madness in an asylum, while Mrs. Muller's ghost is said to still haunt this building. Local ghost tours stop by. This sensational New Orleans crime story appeared most notably in "Gumbo Ya-Ya," a collection of Louisiana tales compiled by the Louisiana Writers Program of the WPA in the 1930s.

725 Ursulines Avenue, New Orleans, LA
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The Wren's Nest (Joel Chandler Harris Home)
The Wren's Nest, Joel Chandler Harris Home

Stories: How Brer Coon Gets His Meat

Joel Chandler Harris’ home in Atlanta, GA – not only a house museum, but a preservation center for African-American folklore through storytelling, tours and special events.

1050 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30310
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The Myrtles Plantation

Stories: The Slave Girl

Billing itself as "one of America's most haunted homes", Myrtles Plantation is supposedly the home of at least 12 ghosts. Offers historic and ghost tours, and operates as a bed and breakfast and event facility.

7747 U.S. 61, St. Francisville, LA 70775
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Ibo Landing (also Igbo or Ebo Landing)
Ibo Slaves

Stories: Ibo Landing

Dunbar Creek on St. Simons Island, Georgia is the site where, according to legend, several members of the African Ibo tribe - captured and brought to Georgia in the early 1800s - chose to drown themselves rather than submit to slavery. Some say you can still hear the rattling of chains along Dunbar Creek at night. Story is of symbolic importance in African American folklore and literary history.

Dunbar Creek, St. Simons, GA
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Alice Flagg's Grave (All Saints Church)

Stories: Alice

The ghost of Alice Flagg has been seen many times near her final resting place, behind the wrought-iron gates of All Saint’s Churchyard. Just look for a plain marble slab engraved with only one word: “ALICE.”

3560 Kings River Road, Pawleys Island, SC 29585
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The Belle Boyd House
Belle Boyd Confederate Spy

Stories: Belle Boyd

Family home of Belle Boyd (1844-1900), also known as "Le Belle Rebelle," one of the most beloved Confederate spies during the Civil War. Now the location of the Berkeley County Museum.

136 East Race Street, Martinsburg, WV
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The Santa Claus Train

Stories: The Santa Claus Train

In some of the most remote areas of Appalachia, the start of the holiday season traditionally begins with the arrival of the Santa Special, a train owned and operated by CSX Transportation with Santa himself on board. For over 57-years, thousands of rural families have turned out to welcome Santa along a 110-mile route that begins in Pikeville, Kentucky and ends up in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Kingsport, TN
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Brown Mountain Lights, NC
Story: The Brown Mountain Lights, North Carolina

Traveling I-40 East, take Exit 100 (Morganton). Take a left coming off the exit ramp. Go 3.2 miles (towards Morganton), and take a left at the stop light onto 181 North. Travel 18.8 miles: You'll find the pull-off on the right at mile marker 20.

Linville, NC
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Bill Sketoe Hole, Newton, AL
Site of Bill Sketoe hanging and hole.

Story: The Ghost of Bill Sketoe's Hole

Outside Newton, Alabama on the banks of the Choctawhatchee River is a spot where, in December 1864, Confederate soldier Bill Sketoe was wrongly executed for desertion. But the ghost of Bill Sketoe would continue to haunt the town and his tormentors.

John Hutto Park, Alabama 123, Newton, AL, United States
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Grave of Rosalie Mackenzie Poe

Story: The Ravens of Rosalie

Grave of Rosalie Mackenzie Poe, sister of Edgar Allan Poe.

Rock Creek Cemetery, Allison Street Northwest, Washington, DC, United States
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Green Elm Cemetery Bridge
Green Elm Cemetery Bridge

Story: The Haunting at Green Elm Cemetery Bridge

True West Texas ghost story of a strange Mexican woman haunting the Green River Bridge.

Green Elm Cemetery, TX, United States
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Thurber, Texas


Story: The Ghost of Thurber, Texas

Ghost town of Thurber, TX. From Wikipedia: "Thurber is an unincorporated community in Erath County, Texas, United States (near the Palo Pinto county line), located 75 miles west of Fort Worth. It was, between 1888 and 1921, one of the largest producers of bituminous coal in Texas and the largest company town in the state, with a population of over 10,000.[1] The population of the community is 48 per the 2010 United States Census."


Thurber, TX, United States
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St. Albans Sanitorium, Radford, VA
St. Albans Sanatorium, Redford, Virginia

The Tortured Souls of St. Albans Sanatorium

Places where torment took place on a regular basis become hotbeds for paranormal activity, and Virginia’s St. Albans Sanatorium proves no exception.

6248 University Park Drive, Radford, VA 24141, United States
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McDow Hole, Erath County, Texas
Haunted McDow Hole, Greens Creek, Erath County Texas

Story: McDow Hole - Anatomy Of A Texas Ghost Story

Spooky Texas legend of the McDow Hole, where ghost sightings of pioneer woman Jenny Papworth and her baby have long been reported.

32.095805, -98.243917
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Goatman's Bridge, Texas
Old Alton Bridge, also known as Goatmans Bridge, between Denton and Copper Canyon Texas.

Story: The Goatman's Bridge: Texas Ghost Story

Scary story of Goatman's Bridge, one of the most haunted spots in Texas.

Old Alton Road, Denton, TX, United States
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Historic Lawrenceviille Jail
Old haunted jail Lawrenceville Georgia

Story: Elleck's Song

Jail in Lawrenceville, GA 1832-1940. Said to be haunted by condemned slave Elleck, singing to his beloved Betsy.

185 W Crogan St, Lawrenceville, GA 30046
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