Caves and cave stories stretch throughout the South, especially in the Appalachian Mountains.  Water dripping underground through thousands of years formed eerie caverns large and small.  Some caverns remain unexplored, stretching into the darkness for untold miles.  Caves served many purposes to early settlers – food storage, religious sites, hideouts.  Other caves were left alone, thought to be cursed or haunted.

Naturally, there are many Southern stories about caves.  From the infamous Bell Witch Cave in Tennessee to the mysterious “shadow snatchers” of Kentucky. Cave stories take us inside these mysterious underground worlds – from the safety of your home!

Escape From Shiloh: Civil War Ghost Story

Tourists at the Battle of Shiloh historic site stumble across a terrifying cave in this Civil War ghost story from Bill Morris. “Nearly 24,000 men were wounded, killed or captured that day. Nearly 11,000 on our side - brave Johnny Rebs.” The speaker was dressed in the full…