Ghost Stories and Tall Tales of the American South

The Coughing Dog – Story Credits


Adapted and Directed by Craig Dominey

Told by Thomas Fuller

Sound Design by Henry Howard

Photography by Craig Dominey and Jon Kownacki


“The Coughing Dog” was one of the last stories told by the late Thomas Edward Fuller, who died on Novemver 21, 2002 at the age of 54. Thomas was a great friend to The Moonlit Road, and was the voice behind some of other stories like “The Hall Of Wonders” and “The Moonlit Road.”

Thomas was an award-winning author of numerous stage musicals and plays, audio dramas and novels, including the popular “Pirate Hunter” adventure book series. Besides The Moonlit Road, he also was a regular storyteller and actor for the Atlanta Radio Theater Company and live events such as the Tour of Southern Ghosts, held each Halloween at Stone Mountain, GA. He also released a great storytelling CD called “Warm and Blue-Green as Teal Blood,” which you can buy on the Atlanta Radio Theater Company website.

Please visit this site to learn more about Thomas’s accomplished career.


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Allen Kopp:

Very good. Vey suspensful. I liked the ending.

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