Ghost Stories and Tall Tales of the American South

The White Dress – Story Credits


Written and Told by Richard and Judy Dockery Young

Illustration by Madison Henline, Savannah College of Art and Design

Additional Sound Design by Henry Howard

This story was taken from the recording “There’s No Such Thing As Ghosts” by Richard and Judy Dockery Young.

Special thanks to August House for allowing us to use this story.


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Sample permission letter:
Dear Mr.Richard and Judy dockery Young:
I am a 7th grade student at Desert Harbor Elementary School in Peoria, AZ where I am taking a general elective course in Digital Storytelling. Our next assignment is to create a visual ghost story from an original story or one we find online. I went to the web site” the moonlit road”and read your story which I would really like to use, with your permission, for my class assignment. This story, if published, would be on our school district website and I would give credit to you for the story.

Thank you very much for your assistance.




Be sure to credit the authors as we didn’t write it. Good luck!

prince sayritan:

its very nice story.interested one.

edric maniscan:

interesting story

teri white:

I would love to have permission to tell this story…how do I contact the author
(as you suspected, I am a new storyteller)
Thanking you in advance for your kind assistance

Jim Yoder:

Hi Judy and Richard,

A very long time no see. You might remember that I worked at SDC back in the 90’s in the Amphitheater. I used listen to you for hours. I hope you are well.
I now teach Journalism Technical production and Director of signature events at USC. I just told an Ozark tall tale to a bunch of graduating seniors and they loved it. I thought of you two.

Best always,
Jim Yoder

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