Ghost Stories and Tall Tales of the American South

What's Your Story?

OK, think you got a better story than what you’re reading here? Then let us see it!

We’re looking for some weird/spooky/goofy stories from our readers to post on the site. Feel free to send your original stories to us at [email protected]. If we like it we’ll post it in all its glory, maybe even record a podcast one day.

Bad news is we can’t pay you for using your story. Good news is we’ll credit you fully, provide whatever promotional links you want, and you’ll have the great honor of being published on the world’s-greatest-Southern-storytelling-website-with-really-loud-crickets!

How can you resist?

There are a few ground rules. No big deal, but we will ask that:

1. You be the original author of the story and/or have copyright ownership of it.

2. If you’ve adapted a folktale or campfire story, let us know the source.

3. The story needs to be along the lines of what we publish here. Ghost stories and strange tales from the American South, or some generic location we can change to the South, are what we want. Tales of romance from the wilds of Siberia, not so much.

4. Finally, and most importantly: please do not send the “Dog Licking the Hand” or “Maniacs Can Lick Hands, Too” stories. They’re old, we’ve all read them and we know you didn’t write them!

We look forward to reading your story!

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